Affiliation support added for Amazon UAE and Singapore

We're pleased to announce affiliation support for Amazon's new Associates programs for Singapore and UAE. Start capturing commissions from links to these regions today by signing up for these programs and adding them to you Geniuslink Dashboard.

Note that auto-localization support for these regions is coming soon. I.e, clicks from these regions to your Amazon US links will continue to the US destinations until we add auto-localization for UAE and Singapore. In the meantime, you may use advanced links to route visitors manually.

Program Signup:

Adding to Geniuslink:

Add the program(s) to Geniuslink at


Improved affiliate program selection

Our list of supported affiliate programs continues to grow, and we have no plans to slow down. To make it easier for you to connect programs in Geniuslink, we've improved the UI so you can instantly filter the dropdown list by typing part of the program name or region.


Walmart affiliate program updated

Today we updated our support for the Walmart affiliate program. The Walmart program is now provided through Impact instead of Rakuten, and uses different partner IDs.

If you are a member of Walmart Affiliate Link, you may connect Geniuslink using the new "Walmart (Impact)" program at


Note: If you have already connected the older Rakuten-based program, there is no need to remove it, as we will give precedence to your new Impact program settings.

Links page improved

This week, we released some big enhancements to your Links page:

  • Much faster page loading and searching. Dramatically improved speed for accounts with thousands of links.
  • Updated search UI
  • Ability to run more complex searches
  • Other cosmetic improvements

New retailers supported: Best Buy and Barnes & Noble

We are excited to announce affiliation support for Best Buy and Barnes & Noble. You'll never have to remember how to affiliate with these programs again: Just add your affiliate program details to your Geniuslink dashboard once. From then on, you can simply convert any raw product link from these stores and be confident you will earn commissions from the links. Plus, you'll get access to all the advantages of intelligent linking at Geniuslink: Choice Pages, retargeting, vanity URLs, live link editing, and more.

Blog: Barnes & Noble Affiliate Program + Geniuslink

Blog: Best Buy Affiliate Program + Geniuslink

Fixed issue where "default" groups were not being listed correctly once renamed

We fixed an issue affecting users who renamed their "default" link group. On certain dashboard pages, this issue resulted in the group being listed under the name "default" instead of the correct, custom name.

Fixed incorrect reporting of no connected affiliate programs

Last week, one of our services began reporting incorrect information about connected affiliate programs. This caused the following:

  • The Geniuslink dashboard may have stated that you were not connected to certain programs.
  • Our Wordpress plugin, Amazon Link Engine, was incorrectly stating that all programs were not connected to your Geniuslink account.
  • Other system messages that depended on knowledge of your connected programs may have given false information. Ie, recommendations of programs to join, and messages about your "commission potential".

This issue has been resolved.

Date-based rules can now include a time in UTC.

When setting date-based rules for your links, you can now specify a time of day in UTC. For example, you could have a link to "go live" on July 4, 2020, at midnight in New York City. This also helps these rules be more predictable, while making the UI more intuitive.

Choice Page Touch-ups

We've made a few visual improvements to choice pages:

  • To better accommodate physical products that do not have titles in the image, we've adjusted the typography on choice pages. Now, the product title is more prominent that the "Get it now" call to action.
  • The call to action will now wrap more pleasantly in instances where you add a very long, custom one.
  • Improved sizing of product image for mobile devices.

No more "Unknown Product" in titles

Links in your dashboard will no longer show "Unknown Product" as the title when we are unable to fetch the link's page title or product name. Instead, they will fall back to using a portion of the link's raw URL. This change should make it easier for you to browse and organize your links, and remove the confusion over what "unknown product" meant.