Wordpress plugin updates

Amazon Link Engine:

  • Plugin defaults to "on click" method for easy Associates compliance
  • Amazon Link Engine: Help content updates - mainly about the on-click behavior

Both Amazon and iTunes Link Engine:

  • Tested up to WordPress 5.1
  • Enforces jQuery dependency for WP installs that don't otherwise have jquery activated
  • Added FAQ about supported link types

Build affiliated links to nearly any retailer

We are excited to announce that our clients can now monetize their links through tens of thousands of affiliate programs due to a brand new integration in the Geniuslink service with the top two affiliate monetization platforms available – VigLink and Skimlinks.

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How to get started...

Link editor updates

  • UI for advanced geo-based routing no longer shows misleading world regions, such as "Europe" and "Asia"
  • Fixed issue with country and language-based rules that would allow invalid entries to be typed and saved
  • Improved UI for country and language selection


  • Friendlier date format in link lists
  • Updated mentions of "PHG" to "Partnerize"

Dashboard improvements

  • Each item in the links list will now display the number of pixels assigned, if any.
  • Fixed an issue that made it possible to make tabs in the link builder page disappear.

Resolved issue that alllowed links to be indexed by search engines

Some geni.us links have been getting indexed by search engines due to missing "noindex" headers. We have replaced those headers so that search engines will know these links are not meant to be listed in search results, in accordance with Amazon compliance.

Newly created geni.us links will use SSL, by default.

While Geniuslink has supported https for years, our dashboard presented links as http links. Now, all new links created in your dashboard will be presented as https links instead of http.

Note: All geni.us links, including those made before this change, will work with either https or http protocols.

Link creator help

With Geniuslink, you can add your Amazon Associates programs to your Affiliate page, and those programs will automatically be applied to any links you have created, or will create in the future. Sometimes new users miss this and assume they need to add links containing Amazon Associates ID's. So now, when users do that, a helpful prompt will appear under the URL field, to:

  • Encourage the user to add the Amazon program to Genius Link via the Affiliate page, if they have not done so already.
  • Explain that affiliate id's in the pasted URL will be overwritten by any affiliate settings saved on the Affiliate page.
  • Explain how auto affiliation works at Genius Link

Dashboard improvements

  • Assorted fixes and improvements to invoicing page.
  • Fixed broken affiliate override UI

Assorted improvements

  • Clarified costs when choosing to add a sub-user to an account
  • Link creation: Added ability to create a choice page when in advanced mode, before adding a link.
  • Link creation: Added ability to revert from Choice or A/B destination type to a single destination in advanced mode.

Minor fixes:

  • Fixed: Affiliate id's referred to as "tags" on the Affiliate page
  • Fixed: Clicking the X button on the second destination in A/B Split link editor would hide everything.
  • Fixed: "%" not displaying properly for ab split links.
  • Fixed: Failed payments shown in "Last Payment" section of Billing.

Custom store buttons and more for Choice Pages


Today's update is all about giving you more creative control when building your Choice Pages:

  • Add your own custom button images for store choices. We'll still automatically provide logos for stores we recognize, but you can override them.
  • Improved UI makes it easier to see which destinations will be shown on your page, and how the buttons will look.
  • Cropping tool: Resize and crop your product image, logo, or buttons to your liking. For buttons, we'll make sure they are they are set to the right proportions, too.

No published changelogs yet.

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