Geniuslink changelog
Geniuslink changelog

UI update for the link editor/creator





Happy to report that we've made some changes to improve usability and convenience in the link creator!

  • Link type selection: Made it more obvious that the different link types (simple, Choice Page, split) exist and that they can be changed after links are saved. It is also easier and intuitive to change to different link types
  • "Save" button now floats so that it doesn't fall beneath the "fold"
  • Visually reinforce that "advanced" link options (i.e., custom/dynamic routing) can be enabled with any of the three link types.
  • Overall UI is a bit more compact and neat

Enjoy! And as always, let us know if you have any other feedback.

Full support for Amazon Poland





We're pleased to announce affiliation and localization support for Amazon's new Associates program for Poland. Start capturing commissions from automatically by signing up for the program and adding it to your Geniuslink Dashboard. Better yet, with localization for Poland now supported, clicks from your visitors in Poland will automatically flow to when we find matching products there.

GameStop affiliation support added





We're stoked to introduce Geniuslink auto-affiliation support for the GameStop affiliate program! For nearly 40 years, GameStop has been one of the most popular retailers for consumer electronics and gaming merchandise, and their presence online continues to grow in 2021! With the GameStop + Geniuslink integration, you can now build links and earn commissions through the GameStop affiliate program easier than ever!

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A couple enhancements





  • New: Add affiliate overrides for all supported affiliate programs (not just Amazon). With this change, you can use multiple affiliate accounts for each program and assign them to your link groups. For example, you might have two separate affiliate accounts for B&H Photo that you would like to use alternately inside your Geniuslink account. Previously, only Amazon programs could be used this way.
  • Fixed: The field for "UTM-compatible domains" in the Tools section of the dashboard would not allow domains with extensions longer than 3 characters.

Minor updates





  • New OS targeting rule for advanced links: iOS 14.3
  • Fixed: Newsletter subscription checkbox not working for some users.

Full localization support added for Amazon Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Sweden





Visitors from Sweden, Singapore, and Saudia Arabia will now generate more conversions when they click your links, as each shopper is taken to the correct product in their local Amazon storefronts.

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Affiliation support added for Amazon Sweden





We're pleased to announce affiliation support for Amazon's new Associates program for Sweden. Start capturing commissions from today by signing up for the program and adding it to your Geniuslink Dashboard.

Note that auto-localization support for is coming soon. That is, clicks from visitors in Sweden will flow to your links' default destinations until we add auto-localization for Sweden. In the meantime, you may use advanced links to route visitors manually.

Move links between groups in bulk





You can now (finally!) select multiple links in your links list and move them to different groups all at once.


New ways to find and filter your links





Based on client feedback, we've made some improvements to the link search feature on your Links list.

  • Search by link type (Simple, Choice Pages, etc..)
  • Sort by time last updated
  • Updated UI with advanced options hidden by default



GameStop, OXO, and Thrive Market support added





We are excited to announce auto affiliation support for the GameStop Affiliate Program! With this update, any GameStop links you create at Geniuslink can automatically earn you commissions once you have added your GameStop affiliate program info to your Geniuslink account.

We are also proud to announce the addition of GameStop, OXO and Thrive Market product catalogs. Products from these stores can now appear in suggestions for your Choice Pages, making it easier than ever to add them as destinations.