Assorted improvements

  • Clarified costs when choosing to add a sub-user to an account
  • Link creation: Added ability to create a choice page when in advanced mode, before adding a link.
  • Link creation: Added ability to revert from Choice or A/B destination type to a single destination in advanced mode.

Minor fixes:

  • Fixed: Affiliate id's referred to as "tags" on the Affiliate page
  • Fixed: Clicking the X button on the second destination in A/B Split link editor would hide everything.
  • Fixed: "%" not displaying properly for ab split links.
  • Fixed: Failed payments shown in "Last Payment" section of Billing.

Custom store buttons and more for Choice Pages


Today's update is all about giving you more creative control when building your Choice Pages:

  • Add your own custom button images for store choices. We'll still automatically provide logos for stores we recognize, but you can override them.
  • Improved UI makes it easier to see which destinations will be shown on your page, and how the buttons will look.
  • Cropping tool: Resize and crop your product image, logo, or buttons to your liking. For buttons, we'll make sure they are they are set to the right proportions, too.

New light theme option for Choice Pages

Lots of products just look better on a white background. With today's update we've given you the choice between an all-new light, clean look and our other theme with darker, blurred image background. Note: Existing choice pages will keep there current theme.


  • Theme preview in link creator so you can see what your page will look like before saving.
  • New "Light & Clean" theme option for Choice Pages
  • Light theme is new default
  • Theme will default to your last-chosen for subsequent links.

Design updates for Choice Pages

  • Improved responsiveness to bring buttons above fold, decrease logo size for smaller screens
  • Fix footer content not clickable
  • Improved overall responsiveness and margin consistency
  • Improved Footer display and HTML
  • Visual polish for buttons and product art

Major Choice Page Improvements

A few months ago, we visited with many of you to learn how Choice Pages could save you more time and be easier to use. We're excited to announce that we wrapped up our first phase of improvements, including:

  • UI redesign to make things more accessible and intuitive.
  • Drag & drop ordering of destinations
  • Image uploader for product and logo images
  • Automatic formatting and scaling of images
  • Retina/4k compatible display for high-res image uploads
  • Fixed inconsistencies between product thumbnails in the links list and choice pages

We've got more amazing things on the way, including a new theme that will make physical products look better than ever. Stay tuned!

Choice Page Improvements

We've made a few updates to choice pages:

  • Store logos are no longer grayed out by default.
  • Improved styling of buttons for destinations/stores where we don't have built-in logos.
  • Links to choice pages on social media sites like Facebook should now display the correct product art.
  • Improved mobile optimization and handling for large product art.

New pricing available

Over the past few years, we have invested heavily in developing awesome new features. Features like the ability to place remarketing pixels in your links, A/B testing, UTM support, language-based targeting, a reporting engine and Choice Pages (which we’re currently working hard to level up). However, only a small percentage of our clients were able to benefit from these, as they were only available in our Plus and Power plans. We felt like that was a waste.

Some of you told us that you could really use those features, but didn’t need all the clicks provided in our premium plans. Others were happy with the features but found themselves stuck between our plans. And frankly, there was a lot of room to be stuck given the price gap between our $9 Core plan to our $499 Power plan.

Over the past few months, we put our heads together to restructure our pricing in a way that gives more clients access to more features. We want a pricing model that gives you everything you need, without having to pay a price that is out of line with the number of clicks you’re using. And I think we’ve got it!

We are done with having multiple “plans.” Instead, we are granting access to all of the link-building tools and reporting and simply charging for the clicks you’re using, in buckets of 1,000 clicks for $2 each. That means even if you’re only spending $2 per month with us, you’ll have access to the same set of powerful tools that many of our large corporate clients get to use.

Our goal is to help you become a better marketer. If we are doing our job then your business should be growing (and our business will grow with you). We want this to be a win/win and think the new pricing does exactly that.

With the new plan, your monthly invoice could go up or down, depending on your usage. So take a look at our new pricing page ( and FAQ ( and please let us know if you have any questions. Our team is ready to help.

And as we’ve done in the past, if your current pricing setup works for you, we will happily continue to honor that. You can move to this new pricing format if and when you want.

Our goal is win/win.

Thanks for your continued support, it means the world to us. -Jesse Founder / CEO

Sign in with your email address

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Monthly reports via email

Now, you can get a summary of your account performance midway through each calendar month. On the 16th, we'll send you an overview of:

  • Your total clicks and trends for the month
  • Health report for any Amazon links in your account(out-of-stock, error, etc.)
  • Plan status (depending on account type) estimating whether you can expect to use additional click buckets for the month.

If you do not with to receive these emails, feel free to change your notification settings.

As always, let us know if you have feedback or suggestions by using our in-app chat or email, at

Enjoy! links working properly

We've addressed an issue that prevented links from resolving correctly.

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