Geniuslink changelog
Geniuslink changelog

Localization and affiliation updates





  • Amazon Egypt ( localization and affiliation support added. Learn more…
  • Kobo affiliate program support added. Learn more…
  • For Amazon links with benefit ID's, Geniuslink will now preserve the benefit ID when routing visitors to the original URL

Assorted updates





  • Amazon search links: To prevent a broken shopping experience, we now strip product category parameters, if present, when routing visitors to a localized Amazon storefront.
  • Fixed certain third party affiliation where parameters were getting removed
  • Improved/updated Amazon bounty link mappings.

Report exporting fixed




We've fixed an issue affecting exporting reports in the Geniuslink dashboard.

Various dashboard updates




We've made a few updates to the dashboard in September that might go unnoticed if we didn't mention them!

  • Link creator UI received some minor design updates and fixes to improve readability and layout.
  • Fixed Choice Page "suggestions" area being too narrow and wrapping too much.
  • Link names in the reporting page now link to their respective link pages in the dashboard, allowing you to quickly drill down to more link-specific data and info.
  • Other minor improvements and fixes

New affiliate programs supported




Over the past couple months we've added built-in support for a number of affiliate programs. Now, you can connect directly to these programs in your Geniuslink account, and all future links you build to these store will get affiliated for you automatically -- no need to find special custom affiliate links!

New programs/stores supported:

"Junk" traffic no longer included in Links page




We've updated the Links page in the dashboard so click totals no longer include "junk" clicks (bot, prefetch, and duplicate clicks ). This brings that links list into better consistency with the rest of the dashboard and reports, which already filtered out junk traffic by default.

Note that Geniuslink does not include traffic identified as "junk clicks" in your billable click totals. We make it available in your reports to maintain transparency and give you more angles to look at your traffic data.

Easily customize Amazon localization with rules for "Amazon regions"




We've long wanted to let clients edit and override the automatic Amazon localization at Geniuslink, without having to create custom routing rules for every single country affected. Today we took a big step in that direction, allowing you to add custom routes for entire Amazon regions.

Before, if you didn't like where our auto localization was routing your visitors in the "Germany" region, you would have to write a custom rule for each country affected (Germany, Austria, Belgium, and more).

Now, with region rules, you can simply toggle the advanced menu and add a single custom route for the whole "Amazon Germany" region.


Learn more…

UI update for the link editor/creator





Happy to report that we've made some changes to improve usability and convenience in the link creator!

  • Link type selection: Made it more obvious that the different link types (simple, Choice Page, split) exist and that they can be changed after links are saved. It is also easier and intuitive to change to different link types
  • "Save" button now floats so that it doesn't fall beneath the "fold"
  • Visually reinforce that "advanced" link options (i.e., custom/dynamic routing) can be enabled with any of the three link types.
  • Overall UI is a bit more compact and neat

Enjoy! And as always, let us know if you have any other feedback.

Full support for Amazon Poland





We're pleased to announce affiliation and localization support for Amazon's new Associates program for Poland. Start capturing commissions from automatically by signing up for the program and adding it to your Geniuslink Dashboard. Better yet, with localization for Poland now supported, clicks from your visitors in Poland will automatically flow to when we find matching products there.

GameStop affiliation support added





We're stoked to introduce Geniuslink auto-affiliation support for the GameStop affiliate program! For nearly 40 years, GameStop has been one of the most popular retailers for consumer electronics and gaming merchandise, and their presence online continues to grow in 2021! With the GameStop + Geniuslink integration, you can now build links and earn commissions through the GameStop affiliate program easier than ever!

Read more…