Affiliation support added for Amazon Sweden

We're pleased to announce affiliation support for Amazon's new Associates program for Sweden. Start capturing commissions from today by signing up for the program and adding it to your Geniuslink Dashboard.

Note that auto-localization support for is coming soon. That is, clicks from visitors in Sweden will flow to your links' default destinations until we add auto-localization for Sweden. In the meantime, you may use advanced links to route visitors manually.

Move links between groups in bulk

You can now (finally!) select multiple links in your links list and move them to different groups all at once.


New ways to find and filter your links

Based on client feedback, we've made some improvements to the link search feature on your Links list.

  • Search by link type (Simple, Choice Pages, etc..)
  • Sort by time last updated
  • Updated UI with advanced options hidden by default



GameStop, OXO, and Thrive Market support added

We are excited to announce auto affiliation support for the GameStop Affiliate Program! With this update, any GameStop links you create at Geniuslink can automatically earn you commissions once you have added your GameStop affiliate program info to your Geniuslink account.

We are also proud to announce the addition of GameStop, OXO and Thrive Market product catalogs. Products from these stores can now appear in suggestions for your Choice Pages, making it easier than ever to add them as destinations. affiliation support added

We are excited to announce the recent addition of the Affiliate Program to our auto-affiliation support for Geniuslink! With over 65 thousand products in their catalog, takes Amazon to town in the pet category.

With this update, any links you create at Geniuslink can automatically earn you commissions. Just connect your affiliate program details to your Geniuslink account!

Learn more…

Dashboard updates

  • Removed confusing/misleading "Update" button that showed when view product suggestions for Choice Pages
  • Fixed click reports incorrectly including junk/bot traffic when viewing beyond 6 months past

iBooks now included in product suggestions for Choice Pages

Building Choice Pages for your books? We'll now provide matching titles in iBooks when available, saving you the time of finding, copying, and pasting the URLs manually.

Happy linking!

Better insights for your Choice Page traffic

With more clients adopting Choice Pages for their affiliate links, we are happy to announce the following improvements to reporting:

  • Clicks to each Choice Page ("impressions") can be seen in the summary report for each link: Click the name of your link in the links list and see Choice Page views under Other numbers from this period.
  • Fixed an issue where "" was showing as a referrer in the click reports for clicks on buttons in Choice Pages.
  • Improved referrer reporting: Outgoing clicks from Choice Pages will also be associated with the referrer to the Choice Page, so you can see which referrers are driving clicks inside your Choice Page.
  • Fixed issue with "?track=" parameter not being applied to the button (outgoing) clicks.

Pixels & retargeting: Google conversion tag support updated

We've updated our pixeling feature for links to support the latest Google snippet formats.

More on tracking pixels…

Better destination names for your traffic reports

Long story short, we've made it easier to see where your traffic is going.

When Geniuslink automatically affiliates your product links they often get converted to a long, ugly URLs with program IDs or unfamiliar domains. For example, an affiliate link to Walmart might point to "" if you connected Skimlinks to your account for blanket affiliate coverage.

This is fine for your visitors, because those URLs instantly redirect to the retailer website. However, these unfamiliar URLs appeared in our traffic reports as the "destinations", and made it hard to see where your traffic was actually going.

Now, we've improved our reporting to use the URL you submit as the label for each destination. As we support more stores and see more use of Choice Pages, we think this will go a long way toward helping you understand and optimize your affiliate performance. Happy linking!